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Glee BDSM Fic Meme
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May 6th, 2012

06:01 pm - Punishment Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Title: Punishment Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Pairing(s): Kurtofsky
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:1000
Warnings: D/s, spanking, punishment, negative self-talk, extremely mild eating disorder/self-harm reference, fluff
Spoilers: future fic where OMW is cannon.
Summary: Prompt based off this ask in my tumblr ~pistolwhippinzombies asked you:
Dom!Kurt/sub!Dave, Dave is nervous that if he does something wrong Kurt will leave him. First time he burns dinner and can't get over it. Kurt doesn't see the big deal but since it'll make Dave feel better, he spanks him.

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03:25 pm - Sir is Angry
Title: Sir is Angry
Pairing: Kurtofsky
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Prompt from Karolina: dave poured ink on one of kurt’s expensive clothes. kurt (is on edge because of a lot of stress recently) gets furious and forgets the very important rule in d/s punishment: don’t do it when you’re upset
Warnings: belting, mentions of suicide thoughts, safewording.

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May 4th, 2012

01:08 am - The first BDSM 1SM!
Welcome to GleeDSM's first ever Glee BDSM One Sentence Meme!

A 1SM is a collection of short prompts (usually a sentence or less, or a picture) which are filled with short transformative works, including fanfiction, fanvideos, fanart, photo manipulations, and fanmixes.

Let's get this party started, shall we?

  • This 1SM will be open from Friday, May 4th until  Friday, May 11th.
  • No wank, trolling, flaming, or otherwise unspecified bullying or bigotry. Be nice to one another. It's really not that hard.
  • This is a BDSM Glee challenge.  All prompts/fills must involve one or more Glee characters participating in Bondage/Discipline, Domination/Submission, Sadism/Masochism and/or assorted things considered BDSM activities.
  • Crossovers are allowed, but a Glee character must be the focus.  
  • Multiple fills are both allowed and encouraged.
  • Please handle these topics with respect.  BDSM is a valid lifestyle choice and no slut shaming or kink shaming is allowed (unless it's between characters within a prompt/fill)
  • THINGS ALLOWED AS PROMPTS: images, text (shouldn't be longer than a sentence, if possible), music videos, pre-existing fanart.  Basically, anything small.  Please avoid long, detailed prompts, those can be posted at the Glee BDSM fic meme
  • THINGS ALLOWED AS FILLS: Fanfiction, fanart, fanvideos, photo manipulations, fanmixes.   All fanfiction fills must be at least one sentence long.
  • If possible, try to follow the "prompt 3, fill one" guideline.  It's not a rule, but we don't want to be all prompts and no fills, do we?
  • No RPF is allowed, let's keep it to the characters.
  • No kink shaming.  Please remember YKINMK.
  • And most importantly HAVE FUN!

You get all that?  All right, LET'S GO!

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April 29th, 2012

11:38 pm - [Glee fic] Cherish, Kurt/Blaine, R
Title: Cherish
Rating: R
Characters: Kurt/Blaine, Lauren Zizes, Emma Pillsbury, Rachel Berry
Contents you should be aware of: Cultural appropriation aided and abetted by Rachel Berry.
Summary: After the debacle with Chandler, Blaine feels like he needs to be as honest as possible with Kurt about what he needs; Kurt, in response, does the only thing he can: ask Lauren Zizes for advice.

( By the time they’re done singing with the rest of the Glee club, Blaine sitting sweetly on the piano bench and gazing up at Kurt perched on top of the piano, Kurt’s ready to take Blaine home and worship him, because wow, Kurt really, really needs to show his boyfriend his appreciation about now. )

Or at Tumblr.

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09:50 pm - FIC: currently untitled, rated somewhere PG and NC-17; not sure yet
Hi!  So, I asked our lovely mod(s) pilgrimkitty, and they were kind enough to grant me permission to post this odd little thing.  You see, I have this kinky fic I really, really want to write (well, okay, I really want to read it, really, but no one else is going to write it, so needs must and all that) but I've been having trouble spitting it out.  So I thought to myself, you know what makes fic writing easy and fun?  Doing it as comment!fic!  So...um.  I'm writing myself comment!fic.  In the comments here.  So feel free to comment?

There is going to be my main one, the one which I've been writing in my head for DAYS now, about Klaine falling into a d/s relationship and Blaine discovering he has a caging/confinement kink (this in no way parallels my own life, nope!) and adorable baby kinksters.

And possibly I will continue my comment!fic I started in rm's journal about Emma and Will in a d/s relationship, because let's face it, the man needs a keeper.

rating: not yet rated
kinks: d/s, caging/confinement, discipline, communication & negotiation, possibly others
warnings: d/s activities without prior communication or negotiation and therefore dubious consent; subdrop; having a bad trip while in subspace (I have no idea what else to call that); probable characterization fails on my part; abuse of italics
    (set post 3x17) Six weeks.  Kurt's leaving for New York in six weeks.  He's leaving Blaine in six weeks.  He's leaving Blaine alone, in Lima, in that huge, always empty house.  Blaine won't have Kurt's house as a refuge anymore. (He's told Blaine not to be silly, that of course he'd always be welcome at his parents' house.  His dad's told Blaine that, for crying out loud.  He still knows Blaine won't go there, not without Kurt.  He'd worry about imposing.  As if he could.)  Blaine won't have Kurt as a refuge anymore.  
    Kurt just wants to give him someplace safe.  Someplace, like the sappy song Blaine'd once sung to him, that only they know.
reposted at my journal: [1/?] (parts 1-10 here) [2/?] (parts 11-17 here) [3/?] (parts 18-22 here) [4a&4b/?] (parts 23-29 here) [5a&5b/?] (parts 30-36 here) [6/?] (parts 37-? here)

a baby future ficlet! and this is what it's referencing
Part of their future contract!
short fic: Adventures in Blaine-Sitting!

rating: will be nc-17
kinks: d/s, caging/confinement, exhibitionism, bondage, comeplay, possibly others
warnings:  none that I can think of at the moment, save abuse of italics and commas.
summary:  basically, Kurt & Blaine introduce themselves to the real-life scene.  and ...go!
reposted at my journal: [1/?] [2/?]

rating: not yet rated (so far G or PG)
kinks: d/s, discipline (cornertime, spanking, possibly other methods), possibly others
warnings: this fic contains will schuester. other warnings to be added as needed.
    Uh. Schue needs a keeper.  Emma loves him, so by default she volunteered.

DISCLAIMER:  I, myself, may qualify as a baby kinkster.  And beyond that, all of these characters are just exploring and/or settling into d/s roles, so...beware of not-entirely-ideal-kink-behavior.  Their attempts at communication and negotiation, while pretty good (imho) for folks sort of stumbling into this, are not what might be considered exemplars of kink negotiations.  The doms are going to screw up in these fics.  The subs are going to screw up in these fics.  Things are going to go WRONG.  Because these things do happen, and since the Klaine one is near and dear to my heart, I want it to be as real as I can make it, with as little experience as I myself have.

[tags I would like to add: theme:communication&negotiation. I'm not sure how exactly you want the tags to work, though.]

ETA:  I would love love LOVE to have a beta help me go through and revise these fics when they're finished.  I'm reposting as is at my LJ currently, but want to go back and edit before posting the finished products to any comms or the Ao3.  If you're interested, please comment or send me a message! <3  It wouldn't be necessary for quite a while, but I just thought I'd put it out there to see if I got any bites.

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April 6th, 2012

01:24 pm - Trans!Glee 1SM
Hey everybody! glee_genderplay is hosting a Trans* Glee One Sentence Meme this weekend!

Trans* Glee 1SM

The meme is running until Monday and is open for fic, art, and all other types of transformative works.

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March 12th, 2012

08:33 pm - GleeDSM Bookmarks
Hello all! Awhile back Elora gave me permission to create a bookmarking system for us all. Hopefully it'll help everyone in keeping track of prompts and fills. And hopefully create more fills. >_>

Anywhoo, you can find the bookmarks here. I typically update it within a day or so of a new post. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggests about the tagging system. 


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01:48 am - Glee Angst Meme Altered Reality Challenge!
Hey! We're doing a 2-week challenge to help get us through the hiatus over on the glee_angst_meme

GAM Altered Reality Challenge

Come post angsty prompts set in alternate settings, from dystopian futures to historical situations to sci-fi/fantasy scenarios. The challenge will be open for prompts until March 25th. Dom/sub AUs are totally welcome!!!

Come play with us!
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February 18th, 2012

01:09 am - fic: It's A Lot Like Life - 3/4
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: All of season 2, to be safe? (Ignores season 3 canon)
Word count: ~2300
Pairing: Kurt/Dave, Kurt/Blaine
Written for the following prompt: Kurt and Dave run into each other at college and Kurt starts being casually dominant toward him and giving him orders. Dave really likes it.

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February 13th, 2012

01:26 pm - Klaine Madness: New Challenge
Like Klaine? Like writing smut? Like writing contests? Than Klaine Madness is perfect for you! 
The contest starts March 1st, and sign up are open from now until the February 27th. So hurry on over!
Click below to find out more. 

posted with mod permission


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February 1st, 2012

06:09 pm - AU Meme Promotion

Come check out the new community and meme for Glee AUs. Want to see the Gleeks as mobsters? See them struggle to survive in a dystopian world? See them as faeries or witches or wizards or anything else you'd love to see. If you have a Glee AU, feel free to add it to our list to help people who are looking for AUs find them(AUs only posted with author's permission).  glee_au_meme

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December 19th, 2011

12:18 am - fic: It's A Lot Like Life - 2/3?
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: All of season 2, to be safe?
Word count: ~1500
Pairing: Kurt/Dave, Kurt/Blaine
Written for the following prompt: Kurt and Dave run into each other at college and Kurt starts being casually dominant toward him and giving him orders. Dave really likes it.

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December 6th, 2011

06:34 pm - Fic: My Hand on Your Ass Means I Love You (1/1)
Title: My Hand on Your Ass Means I Love You (1/1)
Author: Elora
Disclaimer: I do not own Puck, Rachel, or anyone or anything else associated with Glee. I make no money from this.
Summary: Rachel was a naughty girl, and now Puck has to give her a spanking.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Triggers/Kinks/Squicks: Contains a D/s relationship/BDSM lifestyle between two consenting adults. There is a spanking, oral sex, PIV sex, barebacking, and aftercare described in this fic.
Notes: Despite the fact that I'm a multishipper, this is the first Pucklebrry fic I've ever written! It's a futurefic.

Rachel needed to be punished
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December 4th, 2011

12:10 am - Glee Multi-Cross Challenge!
Ever wonder what would happen if Buffy, the Doctor, Seely Booth, Sookie Stackhouse, Sherlock Holmes, Spencer Reid and Rick Castle were all running around in Lima with the Glee crew?
We're having our first Glee multi-cross challenger over at the glee_cross_meme

Come over, and prompt stories with 2 or more fandoms in them, and we will try and fill them!

Glee Multi-Cross Challenge!

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November 10th, 2011

10:02 pm - fic: Boots & Boys (They bring me so much joy)
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: Furt?
Word count: ~8000 (6 chapters)
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, mentions of Finn/Rachel
Written for the following prompt:
The only thing Blaine loves more than watching Kurt stride around in his Doc Martens is removing them for him at the end of the day. + washing, massage, pedicure, toe sucking, footjobs, or anything else that strikes you. :)
Includes foot/boot fetishism, cum play, and Kurt being a little bit dommish.

( Read more )

(I hope it's appropriate that I tagged it master/slave. It seemed like the closest fit to the sort of casual dom/sub dynamic in the story.)

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09:54 pm - fic: Everybody Wants to Be a Cat
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None really.
Word count: ~1,650
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Written for the following prompt, and based on the fact that Kurt sometimes wears a tail.
Klaine, Kurt dressed up as a cat, Blaine finds it the hottest thing ever and fucks him while Kurt acts like a cat. Tis all.

( Read more )

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09:47 pm - fic: It's A Lot Like Life - 1/3?
Rating: NC17 for later chapters
Spoilers: All of season 2, to be safe?
Word count: ~1600
Pairing: Kurt/Dave, Kurt/Blaine
Written for the following prompt: Kurt and Dave run into each other at college and Kurt starts being casually dominant toward him and giving him orders. Dave really likes it.

( Read more )

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01:07 pm - Community tagging system!
I've just added a ton of tags to the community. Let me give a quick rundown on tagging. There are three tags to designate type of fanwork: *fanfic, *fanart, *fanvideo. Under that there are character tags, genre tags, rating tags, and "theme" tags. The theme tags describe elements that the story may contain so far, such as theme: punishment, theme: lifestyle, theme: tpe, theme: petplay. Get it?

I will add author tags as we go along. I'll try to add ship tags later, if I have a spare moment, but the character tags should be pretty helpful in the meantime.

If you're posting a fic and you think an element deserves it's own "theme" tag, let me know, and I'll add it!

Feel free to post your fic directly to the comm whenever you like!
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12:36 pm - REC POST!
Have you seen a really good Glee BDSM fic that you want to share? Did somebody post something on SamKurt involving handcuffs that made you grin? Was there a D/s fic on Kurt_Blaine that make you swoon, or something on PuckRachel, maybe? Did you see an awesome BDSM fic on tumblr and want to share it? This is the place to do so! Also, if you're looking for a certain type of fic, and you want it rec'd to you, post that here as well! For example, "Hey, has anybody seen any Puck/Rachel TPE stories anywhere?" or "Hey, I'm looking for Kurt/Blaine spanking fics. Anybody know any?"

Come closer.


-Try to put a title, rating, ship and author next to any rec. This is sometimes difficult with kink meme fills, but give as much information as you have, okay?

-Put a brief summary/description of a sentence or two with each rec.

-Give the post a once-over before you rec. If you accidentally double-rec a post I don't mind, but I really don't want situations in which the same story is rec'd 7 or 8 times.

-no bashing of any kind, If you don't like something, keep it to yourself, please. "Sorry, that's not really my thing" is an acceptable statement. "OMG, that story is awful and the author is an idiot!" is not acceptable.
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November 4th, 2011

12:38 am - Glee BDSM Fic Meme
Welcome to the first ever Glee BDSM Fic Meme. The rules are simple, comment on this post with characters, pairings and/or a brief scenario, and hopefully somebody will fill it! Fic does not have to be sexually explicit, but I'm sure a lot of it will be.

Bring on the fic!

ETA: I forgot to say, Anon commenting is on. You don't have to log in to prompt or fill!
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12:34 am - Rules Post and FAQ
Welcome to the Glee BDSM fanworks community! This is a place for all fanfiction, fanart, and fanvideos involving Glee characters engaging in BDSM lifestyle and activities. First, lets have a few rules.

1) No kink-shaming, character bashing, or poster bashing. Please respect everyone's right to their own opinions, kinks, squicks and triggers. You don't have to agree with everyone, or like what everyone else likes, but tearing people down for what they think or like will NOT be tolerated. Follow the golden rule, and we should get along well. Trolling, wank, wank-baiting, bashing, and shaming of any type will not be tolerated.

2) No RPF. Especially given the nature of this community, RPF walks a fine line between fiction and libel. It's best to just avoid it.

3) All posts must be labeled and tagged. The subject line of your post needs to be labeled with the type of fanwork, a title, and a rating. Every fanfiction needs a header with title, author, rating, kinks and triggers, a brief summary, and a disclaimer. All explicit art must be behind a cut, and if your graphic is big, please put that behind a cut as well. Spoilers, and the body of a fanfiction must be behind a cut as well.


Q) What exactly is BDSM?
BDSM, or BDDSSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism. The application of any of these aspects into your everyday life and your sexual life can be considered part of BDSM. BDSM runs a large gamut of activities, and can involve something as simple as having sex while your hands are bound, or as complicated as 24/7 Master/Slave lifestyle.

Q) What is "play"?
A) partaking in BDSM is often referred to as "play." Different activities often have the word "play" tacked on at the end, such as "petplay," where one person acts like a pet while the other acts like a Master, "painplay," combining physical pain with sexual or sensual acts, "waxplay," where one partner pours melted candlewax on the other, etc.. There are many kinds of play. When you're engaging in play, it's referred to as being in a "scene." Some people prefer to keep their BDSM limited to occasional scenes, while others engage in 24/7 lifestyle. No two couples or groups are the same.

Q) BDSM, that's like whips and chains, right?
A) Not exactly. While whips and chains are a part of it, BDSM is much bigger and more encompassing than that. And it's not always inherently sexual. There is a lot of pleasure and contentment that can be found in engaging in BDSM in nonsexual situations.

At it's core, BDSM is about trust. A submissive trusts a dominant to take care of them and not hurt them. A masochist trusts a sadist to not take them past what their body can actually handle. When two or more people enter into a BDSM relationship, they usually come up with a set of rules. Sometimes the rules are merely spoken aloud, and sometimes a formal contract is written. Everyone involved needs to be able to trust that everyone else involved is going to follow the rules. Beyond that, everyone needs to trust themselves to know when to stop. From the outside, BDSM looks like it's all about sex and pain. But from the inside, BDSM is about trust, respect, and love.

Q) What is TPE?
A) TPE stands for Total Power Exchange. Often interchanged with the expression "24/7." Two people involved in TPE are always in their "role,? such as Master/Slave, Master/Pet, Daddy/Baby, etc.. The only time they leave their roles behind is for designated periods, and if somebody safewords. A couple involved in TPE usually have contract written up explaining the rules and covenants between them. The relationship is usually marked by an object or piece of jewelry, like a collar or a tag or a leash or a bracelet.

Q) What is SSC?
A) SSC stands for "Safe, Sane and Consensual." BDSM play is play. It is not, on it's own power, rape or abuse. "Safe, Sane and Consensual" is a personal mantra for many BDSM participants. It involves things like setting up safewords, doing research before playing, and not doing anything that can cause real or lasting damage to yourself or partner(s). SSC includes knowing when to stop, understanding your partner and akl of their nonverbal cues, being prepared before you begin, and not taking anything for granted.
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November 3rd, 2011

11:58 pm - Page-A-Mod Post
This is the Page-A-Mod post. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, or affiliation requests, post them here! Comments are screened.
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