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Training a Dominant 13/? - Glee BDSM

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February 16th, 2013

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11:36 am - Training a Dominant 13/?
Authors: vkdemon, karomeled
Ships: Smythofsky, Kum
Summary: Elite, handsome, rich and Dominant. Sebastian has everything in life but a sub. He finds one with a fire under his skin and emptiness in his heart. Sebastian starts questioning everything he knew because of the fragile but fighting David. A dystopian AU where everyone is either a Dom or a sub and submissives are treated as second-class citizens. The side characters will appear gradually.
Words: 6 096/60 440
Rating: NC17
Warnings:(this chapter) gratuitous sexual display, humiliation, subs as sex objects
AN: Did we mention that Dave is bisexual in this fic? I think it was briefly implied already, but anyway, yeah- keep it in mind or you might find bits of this chapter confusing. Anyway, the first part of the festival is HERE. (Finally all the Angel vs Devil metaphors from chapters 10-11 will make sense.) We tried to find some photographs that would help you visualize appearing costumes and attractions. They’re not always 100% accurate, so don’t skip the descriptions ;). And since the links are scattered over the text, it’ll be the most comfortable to read this chapter at AO3 or livejournal instead of the evil, links-denying ff net.
AN2: We hope you didn’t miss the complementing one-shot depicting Dave’s collaring “ceremony” (it should have went between chapter 4 and 5 but wasn’t included) and a TaD fanmix.

AO3 || ff.net


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