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Training a Dominant 9/? - Glee BDSM

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December 8th, 2012

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10:02 am - Training a Dominant 9/?
Title: Training a Dominant
Authors: vkdemon and karomeled
Pairing: Smythofsky
Sidepairing: Kum
Appearing: Blainchel, Seblaine, Pina, Sancedes
Words: 4 785/39880
Warnings: abuse, violence, non-con, mentions of suicide, BDSM themes, h/c, master/slave
Chapter warnings: dubcon, brief mention of eating disorder
Summary: Elite, handsome, rich and Dominant. Sebastian has everything in life but a sub. He finds one with a fire under his skin and emptiness in his heart. Sebastian starts himself questioning everything because of the fragile but fighting David.
AN: AU where everyone is either a Dom or a sub and submissives are treated as second-class citizens. The side characters will appear gradually.

AO3 || lj || ff.net


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